Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Poll from the Phantom Zone

So we all know about grazers.
The people who show up at openings just for the food. They're there at every weekend and seem to never look at the art, but always have a mouth full.

You all know who I'm talking about:
The guy in the beret with the gray goatee.
That woman who looks like a bag lady who I swear is putting cheese into her coat pockets.
And of course, the young art students who are actually there for dinner.

If you are interested on the etiquette of what to eat at an art opening, ehow has an article on How to attend Art Openings (along with articles like How to Become a Universal Studios Tour Guide) and many others).

While I like to believe that I would attend the openings even if they did not have food, if I go to an opening and no food is provided, it just looks cheap and I'm usually mildly offended.

So, please take the Phantom Zone's Food Poll and see what other foods people like to have at openings.

Example of food at an opening:


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