Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Report from the Phantom Zone

August is the cruellest month.

The doldrums of the art world where half of the galleries are closed or not showing new work. Most of the artists are at the beach. August is an annual promise of new life that is coming with September openings. A false hope to those who believe that the art world is like a battery that needs the sun soaked summer to recharge. I don’t see solar panels on the roofs of any museums, quietly trickle charging for a fall explosion of human creative endeavors that will draw crowds in out of the cold. I look at the MFA Boston’s calendar and see nothing opening in the fall. Damián Ortega opens at the ICA in mid-September, how eagerly should wait to see how he takes apart familiar consumer culture and suspends it? Samson Projects opens Michael Phelanin in September, so I guess I’m excited to see how he re-contextualizes mundane consumer culture. (It seems like September will mostly be going out to see what I already have, but arranged differently.) A few galleries will open shows that sound truly interesting like Howard Yezerski who will open Rona Pondick in September or the Mills Gallery who will open its 21st Drawing Show - always a treat. But for the most part, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be waiting for. August is a pregnant pause with no release. No wonder most wars begin in August. People are hot and edgy, waiting for fall, but with no guarantee that anything will pan out. Empty promises make people irritable.

What are you looking forward to for fall? Maybe a trip to MOMA to see “Monet's Water Lilies” that opens in Sept.? (I doubt anyone’s booking a flight.) But there must be something out there … anyone? A show they are looking forward to seeing? Please leave info in the comment section.

Claude Monet at MOMA

Michael Phelanin who will open at Samson

Damián Ortega at who will open at the ICA Boston


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